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රජ්ජුරුවෝ මැරිලා , දැන් ඉන්නේ ජනාධිපතිලා.
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Homosexuality in Sri Lanka 4 years ago

a previous time when yamu did a major revamp i didn't like it and sent a lengthy mail about it , but after some time i got used to the (then new) layout and things were fine.
this time also it will be the same , will take time but will get used to it , this read more button is annoying af though. it shouldn't be there imo

Why you do this YAMU ? 4 years ago

i don't get that euphemism but then again i will ask around

Club 4 years ago

and dont be that idiot to go ask non alcoholic beer in the supermarket bar , its in the beverage section

Non alcoholic beer 4 years ago