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not my cup of tea , i mean literally. nearly chocked on one of them bubbles. it sounds impossible to you but trust me it can happen. tried the passion fruit variant and it was awesome (except the near death experience)

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their website doesn't seem healthy on your pc , so take necessary precautions when entering it

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the literature suggests that there were two religions which were prominent , though there were other minor fractions the two main religions were separated on the "old gods" vs "new gods"

the old gods were mostly followed by people in the north , they personified every significant tree , rock etc. and believed they contain magical or spiritual power
the new gods is whole lot different game , it was consisted of "The Faith holds that there is one god who has seven faces or aspects: the Father, the Mother, the Warrior, the Smith, the Maiden, the Crone and the Stranger. Each aspect represents one part of life or existence."

there were some minor fractions who worshiped fire they were guided by women who devoted themselves to the lord of light and they clad in red always.

there are books (seven or so) on this reply if you need more info

Sinhala History Question (Probably not the right place to ask, but I don't know any other SL forum... ) 5 years ago