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Absolutely love the place!
First, the service is excellent. Staff being friendly, attentive and recommends you based on your preference. They allow BYOB without corkage which is great as you can pair it with their really good food. Fried Chicken (with cashew and garlic), Dynasty Special Fried Rice, Kang Kung with Beef, Belly pork are few dishes that are so good you really have to have ambition to not order the same thing and explore the rest of the menu. There are few items on the pricy side, but most of it is value for money.

Dynasty (Grand Monarch Hotel) 1 year ago

Oneup all day breakfast, Whight & Co, Havelock place bungalow, Kumbuk, Life Food, Blackcats are few of my favourites.

Good places for breakfast?? 3 years ago

I went there last friday (12th Aug) with bunch of my colleagues from work. We just wanted to enjoy some cakes and grab something to drink. I don't enjoy writing bad reviews, but the food and drinks we got were just horrible. Peach smoothie tasted so foul, it did not even have a hint of peach taste. Berry berry smoothie was equally tasting foul but it at least had a foul berry after taste. Lime pie tasted more bitter and foul than sour, red velvet cake was too just sad to talk about. A group of 9 people - we left more than 80% of food and drinks as it is just after the first bite, no exaggeration here. Macchiato was terrible. even the watermelon juice was just watery. We were so stunned and disgusted to the point wasn't even sure where and how to complain about! It almost looked like we pissed of the chef and they were having revenge on us! But we were a bunch of calm and quiet people, I'm not sure how we could even piss anyone off. Basically this is the worst food experience I can remember in my life. Comparing to other reviews I hope this is just one off incident - not a regular case of stale ingredients and old cake. Hope you'll different experience.

Mitsi's Delicacies 5 years ago

A comparison with Kangaroo would be great! And how about a comparison with PickMe cars? That would be the equal alternative of choice.

Uber Sri Lanka 5 years ago

Grand monarch thawalathugoda (very decent - worth the travel), 88 Chinese restaurant opposite police park, 168 Chinese restaurant opposite Juliana on Galle road

Corkage is free restaurant 6 years ago

Experience 1:
We went there for Sunday lunch, the place was not crowded. We were very happy with portions of food and amount of bacon they've included. Waiters were nice to us and attentive. We liked the ambience (much like Cheers, spot-on Yamu!). We had a feeling this was gonna be one of our frequent hangouts.

Experience 2:
We went there on a Friday with a group of 7, after making a table reservation for a table that has couch seating. As we went there our table was not available just because their chairman wanted a table! We were very rudely sent to a rather small and uncomfortable table they put together using smaller tables, directly below an air conditioner which was leaking water on us (they never knew it was leaking in the first place?!). We request them to move us to a different table, but they took more than an hour even before considering doing that, while the waiter being super rude and supervisor didn't seems to care either. We had to sipped our drinks which we have already ordered while the air con was trying to freeze us to death while a gently sprinkling of water on us. We left. Quite disgusted. There won't be an Experience 3.

& Co. (The Steuart) 6 years ago

Not sure how decent you're looking for… in case if anyone's looking for BYOB w/o corkage… Chatz at Horton place, Grand Monarch at Thalawathugoda (probably the most decent place with BYOB without corkage, even though its bit of a drive), Baracuda (next to The Station) are few I like.
Next comes Lani's sea food restaurant, 168, 88 not generally considered very decent.

Bring your own Booze 6 years ago