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We served the TPBB cake to the small gathering at my sister’s birthday and received comments of "Wow", "OMG", and "That's the best brownie cake I've ever eaten." Honestly, a few people told us they had 2–3 slices of cake at the birthday - one person loved the strawberry so much she apparently had 4 slices of the cake and never even made it to try the other food available.

Thush's Podi Brownie Business 6 years ago

Visited the place yesterday.
Ambiance: Excellent
Food: Good
Service: Good
Location: Very Good
Menu: Excellent

Maharaja Palace 6 years ago

I have been to Shanthi Vihar few times especially since my office was in Bauddhaloka Mawatha earlier. The restaurant has changed its name to Sri Vihar and probably the management too. All the tuk tuk guys still call it as Shanti Vihar. It's a cafeteria style restaurant. The place is very clean, the food is excellent and very cheap comparatively to Mathuras or Shanmugas. Their Thosais, Oothappams are great and Chappathis too (those are the stuff I have tried). One thing that really gets to me is the time they take to get the stuff ready from the time you order. You can really save time if you call them well in advance (around 20-30 mins), before you stop by. A good place indeed for vegetarian food.

Sri Vihar 7 years ago

@Shru, thanks for getting back. Checked out the place on Sunday. No difference in the taste and the look of the food. I must admit the rice portion may be a bit less, but the food hasn't changed.

New Banana Leaf 7 years ago

@Afker, why do you say this establishment is not connected to the old Banana Leaf?
@Yamu, can you guys please verify, as your post states "Banana Leaf is back'.

New Banana Leaf 7 years ago

Zellers is no more :). I used to drop in every Sundays to have a hot dog on my way home. However, to this date I haven't been able to find a joint which offer something similar.

Zellers Hot Dog 7 years ago

Hunupitiya is the original as Dilanjan said. The Wellawatte one opened a couple of years back. However, I have not been a fan of their food. But , as per your article people do flock there during lunch hours.

Copper Chimney (Hunupitiya) 7 years ago

Tried their special chicken bun. Was different and definitely value for money. Nice place, clean and friendly service.

The Chariot (Dehiwala) 7 years ago

Was having the question whether the "New Banana Leaf" is actually the old that we liked and patronized. Apparently you guys have missed the 'Fish Sambol" in hte menu. It sure is a winner among all the quality stuff they have. Thanks for the info and the new location.

New Banana Leaf 7 years ago