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This review is based multiple visits. This is franchise (or broken up franchise) of a Chennai based chain of restaurants. Sadly it nowhere close to taste, quality and service of any of the same chain’s other restaurants in many countries. Customers’ frustration levels can go up due to a multitude of reasons, some of which are: no one will come to take your order until you beg them to, they might ask you to wait saying the restaurant service hasn’t started, then the wait for the food after ordering. Wait!!! It’s not over yet! Wait till you hear next two reasons! No one will ask if you need anything more after your initial orders, and no one will give you a bill unless you really go behind one of the staff and beg him to give you the bill so you can pay and leave this pathologically customer unfriendly place.

And it doesn’t come cheap. But then how many other restaurants are there cleaner or close to clean as this one? Definitely sooo much room for improvement in customer service. The management doesn’t need to hire a consultant for this. They should simply start working on the basics right first.

Huge disappointment.

Ponnusamy Non-Veg Chettinad Restaurant 2 years ago

I’ve heard there is some good stuff called Kassipu. Why don’t you try that? Cheaper, gets the job done, and black market too!

black market whiskey/vodka 2 years ago