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Ok, first the address is wrong. If you want to go there, just Google in maps and go. It's inside the funfactory. Boaring dry place, not much people, actually no people at all. Tried the beef burger (RS.550) and a coffee with milk (Rs.130). The burger made from a deeply fried beep Patty which was really dry. But the bread was fresh, so as the potato wedges. But I don't recommend this place to anyone. And the prices are way different from what you are here in the menu. + They add 10% service charge too.

Jeorgie's Healthy Style Food 3 years ago

Hey YAMU!!!
they do accept credit cards now. They have got one of that phone-credit-card-machine thingy.

Bubblelement (Colombo) 4 years ago

I'm also looking for answer for this question, why nobody is answering?
But i found these hotels
Serene villa - padukka
kitul kanda padukka
any other ple?

Best place for a day outing 4 years ago

place is great, but DO NOT buy the submarine. worse than burger's king's…

Burgers Hut 7 years ago