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Went today and it was awful (even though the waiters were nice). The chicken pieces were like spindly meatless bones, there were flies hovering over the uncovered dishes, and the eat-in lunch is 450 as opposed to take away at 250. Also my watermelon juice was pink and sickly sweet. BOOOOOOOO

Awanhala (Colpetty) 3 years ago

This feels like I got bat-signalled! :D
I'd suggest something seen as traditionally romantic, like Italian food (getting your hands in curry isn't usually that sexy although Indian food has the best veg options). I love pretty much any recipe on Kitchn but the ingredients are sometimes difficult to find here in SL. I suggest you try for specific ingredients like tagliatelle or ricotta delivered to your doorstep.

If these don't work for you, I suggest my simple and delish go to - a mushroom fettuccine with garlic cream sauce. All you really need is onion, lots of garlic, creme fraiche, mushrooms (i'd suggest at least two types, like button and shitake), herbs, and a green of your choice. It's super simple, super quick, and delicious.

Finally, if he's not into booze, try these And make sure you get the mood lighting ready - candles, soft lamps et al. It makes everything look good (you and the food). Good luck and I hope you guys have a lovely night! :)

Suggestion for a dinner. 3 years ago

Honey Pot, the Wax Museum, and BeWaxed. They're all reviewed on YAMU too and have different price points :)

Estetic centre using hot wax 3 years ago

Go back for the steak tartare- local meat but excellently marinated with lovely textural variety thanks to the wonton crisps. And the buffalo curd parfait was great, mad creamy. No table water, but I'm glad they use glass olu bottles instead of plastic.

Botanik 4 years ago

Yes! I really like these guys and they deliver

Scented oils 4 years ago

Not sure about prices, but Srina Palace has!

BLUE WIGS 4 years ago