Artwork for SAMSUNG TOP BANNER 1- OCT 21 MBL 2
Artwork for Coke TOP BANNER 1

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I don’t know anyone from Continental, but how did you manage to get a bill that is higher than the market rate of the vehicle? Did it roll down a hill perhaps?

Insurance Claim 3 years ago

Plus it helps the local communities to grow due to the revenue they receive. Be local, buy local.

black market whiskey/vodka 3 years ago

Where could I get a 3m restoration kit from? Would be helpful if you could quote the price too…

Headlamp reconditioning 3 years ago

Cheques can be only deposited to current accounts, unless the cheque is specifically addressed to you (account holder name is the ‘pay to’ section) This is a norm in all banks country wide.

Cheques and Savings Accounts 3 years ago

Did you actually research before writing this post?
What about Arthur’s Pizza??!?

Pizza 3 years ago