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Tried their chicken burgers over the weekend.
I simply LOVE it.
Very well done, hot & full of flavour. Considering the burgers at McDonald's and Burger King, these are streets ahead.
Takes about 15 - 20 minutes to prepare but worth the wait.

Street Burger 2 years ago

The prices have increased exponentially where it's almost a thousand per small portion. Lunch for 2 with 1 large portion of egg fried rice and 3 small portions of seafood was Rs. 4,400. Interior was still dingy and Wijayapala was missing (apparently Sunday is his off day😀) but I'll still go back since the food is tasty and I do like a difference

Min Han 3 years ago

Went for dinner with the wife & family a few days ago. There was very friendly lady who took our order. Sadly, we weren't very impressed with the taste or the quantity of the portions. Being regulars at Siam House & The Boulevard, we're used to both price spectrums and tastes. Was expecting a better experience, especially on taste, but sadly this was not to be. The portions are too small. If 2 adults are going, remember to order 2 of everything since 1 portion just won't do!

Krua Thai by Dao 3 years ago