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Oh nice. Will check them out. Thank you!

Ripe Avocados 2 years ago

I've been here twice and both times i had bad experiences. First to start off the with the good aspects; the ambiance of the place is on point with a very chilled out vibe, classic instrumental Sri Lankan music playing in the background along with a comfortable & spacious seating area. To top it off the staff were really friendly, attentive and food was served quite fast. But when it comes to the food, thats where is really goes downhill; really fast!

The first time we went, we ordered their Bamboo Biryani. I really don't know what the big hype about this is, but it was far below average to say the least. It's like a glorified rice and curry. To drink, we ordered Iced Milo and Lime Crush of which both of them were really watery and tasteless. But this was about a month after they opened up, so we gave them the "teething issues" excuse and let that slide.

We tried this restaurant again last week for dinner, after my husband was craving Sri Lankan and this time the food was just horrendous. We ordered Parata, Mutton Curry, Kottu and Hot Buttered Cuttlefish. As usual, the service was really good; our waiter explained the menu and we received our order quite fast. The kottu was quite all right; again nothing to write home about. The Parata was cold and super soggy (we asked the waiter to warm it up and he did it with a smile, but still wasn't warm enough). The mutton was really chewy and had more bones than meat. But the jewel on the crown went to the Hot Buttered Cuttlefish. When we ate it we got a very familiar taste. They had used margarine… MARGARINE for the hot "buttered" cuttlefish!!! Stingy much? For that price range, i would expect them to use high quality ingredients in their food. Would have has a better meal at Pilawoos for half the price (LESS the ambiance).

Please don't get me wrong, I'm not usually one to complain about restaurants and appreciate locally opened up restaurants competing with international franchises. We generally appreciate good food which is priced accordingly and i understand sometimes shortcomings may occur. But when restaurants, take short cuts and compromise on their value-for-money proposition while maintaining the same exorbitant prices, that shit drives me up the walls.

Culture Colombo 2 years ago

I'm sorry Sunil but I have to agree with Sarah on this. Me and my boyfriend frequently visit the place, we always get served after a foreign customer who would come after us; ALWAYS. But, we really don't care because the food is really good and the vibe is quite chilled, especially on Sundays. But, for some people, I guess the thought of being treated second fiddle to a foreigner in their own Country is an issue. So how dare you have the audacity to find fault with her views? If you are such a frequent customer, then obviously you will be treated well, because the waiters probably know you. YAMU always mentions that they are giving only a personal account if their experiences. I have been following them since they started, and my life in Sri Lanka has become much easier because of them. If you don't like the way YAMU reviews places, then just leave and go back to reading newspapers, you artifact.

PS: Don't mix women's empowerment with alleged racism/bad service. That's just being opportunistic and sets a very bad tone for the true meaning on women's empowerment.

The Barefoot Cafe 2 years ago

Horrible service! I have been here twice to grab some cakes and coffee but both times, I have experienced the worst customer service imaginable. The staff looks looks uninterested in serving customers and act as if they are buying the food for us. Food was mediocre as well. They have a huge opportunity because there aren't any good cafés/coffeeshops in that area, but these guys seem to be making a mess of it. AVIOD!!!

One Seven One 2 years ago