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Branas at the Kollupitiya market. Got myself some maple syrup yesterday from there.

Maple Syrup 3 years ago

For Scope Cinema, download the scope cinema app. It's quite convenient to use.

Movie tickets 3 years ago

Doubt he is being a dick mate. It would have saved you time and money to call them. #attentionseeker

Buffet options 3 years ago

Well if you are going for the view and nothing else… you might as well get Warwick Gardens on B&B to save money, eat like 3 times more your capacity for breakfast, starve for lunch and dinner. #priorities

bungalow/ cottage in Nuwara Eliya or Ella 3 years ago

Go to a nearby temple? You might find out that there is more to life than Shopping and Gambling. Peace ✌️

Colombo on Poya Day 3 years ago

ANIM8 in Thimbirigasyaya. Their service is quite quick and decent price as well.

But; avoid if you are allergic to Lankan (wannabe) Hipsters tho. Place is filled with them ✌️

KEY TAGS SRI LANKA - 0765540000 3 years ago

Lake house Bookshop at Liberty Plaza has the best quailty world maps imo.

Call them before you go thoough, as they randomly close up shop inside their working hours 🙃

Where can I get a World Globe? 3 years ago