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Joined 7 years ago


Botanik needs to up its game. Delish: Roast beets. Needs improvement: Mozz dish and vade. Tastes like a frozen offering: Goat cheese ravioli. Bad: Gin and "green" jiuce combo. Service was good and they actually opened a new bottle of wine when I complained about my initial pour of red wine.

Botanik 1 year ago

There was a comment about biased reviews. This may be biased but it is really accurate as well. We were a large group staying in 4 rooms/bungalows offseason (January 2015) and we had a great experience.

Hideaway Villas 6 years ago

Rupees 6000 for two people is expensive but it appears that you had an excellent meal with no skimping on portion size? You have certainly reviewed places with similar prices where the portion size was really inadequate or places with much higher prices. Why such an emphasis on the 'heart stopping prices'?

The Manhattan Fish Market 6 years ago

Sounds very different from Dilli Haat which is great but not serene or set up for leisurely chats with the artisans :) Dilli Haat is a bustling thriving marketplace!

Shilpa Craft Village 7 years ago

Picked up a brownie today; light and good consistency but a bit too sweet for my taste. The baker had some pieces of meringue for tasting and they were 'to die for' good!

English Cake Company 7 years ago