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Tried ordering cabs twice through PickMe. Once the GPS refused to show the street name I was on, so the driver was confused for a few moments and then decided it was way too far for him to turn up. Went through the same hassle again today when the driver assigned refused to turn up because he was heading "the other way". On both occasions I decided the worth and the hassle was not worth it and hailed a taxi by stepping onto the street. Despite these guys having a great value proposition with cheaper rates and great technology I hope the drivers don't let them down.

PickMe 5 years ago

The lasagna is supposed to be their 'piece de resistance' , unfortunately it runs out pretty fast. However, I tried the fettuccine on a recent visit and it was fabulous. The food and the ambiance is excellent despite the place being quite small. The only gripe I have is that they seem to have raised their prices after the great buzz they've received. Yamu needs to update the prices as all the items are now above the 900 range.

Dolce Italia 5 years ago