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Peppermint Cafe

I went there on the weekend after a harrowing lunch experience. Me and my boyfriend ordered a Brownie Shake (690/-)and a Chocolate and Banana smoothie (690/-). I actually asked the guy at the cashier what he would recommend from the 3 options of Milo Dino/Brownie shake and Oreo, he said the Brownie shake was really good and popular. We waited for our drinks for about 15-20 mins. Till then no one attended to our table with napkins and coasters. When the drinks arrived, the smoothie was watery with no flavor. It was like banana milk mixed with some cocoa powder. The brownie shake was ok but not worth for a 690/-. The atmosphere was good and laid back and brownie points for being pet friendly. But we went there for a refreshingly yummy drink and sadly it was disappointing. The decor and hype only helps if combined with good food and drinks.

Peppermint Cafe 1 year ago



First time I went, I loved the food! The atmosphere was laid back and homely. Almost as if you went to your grandparents bungalow and the appu cooked up some wonderful curries and filled your tummy with authentic Sri Lankan home cooked food. I had the mutton black curry (superb) cuttlefish curry ( good), pol roti and katta sambol (great), godamba roti (good) and was stuffed to the brim. The server was very friendly and his service was excellent. Went there again with my boyfriends family and his little nephew and was extremely satisfied with the food. Loved the whole experience. This is defiantly home away from home.

Upali's 1 year ago


668 Chinese Barbecue

Ordered the devilled chicken and steamed rice. Was starving so we dug into the rice and chicken right away. Each little piece of chicken had bones so it was difficult to eat it along with the rice. They had mixed a special kind of Chinese spice "Chinese Kotthamalli" according to the local lady serving us. This was the most scarring experience we had! The moment you bite into this special spice, our whole tongue went numb like with a terrible lingering taste. No amount of water or Chinese tea was able to wash it off. In the end, because of the hunger, we just ate the rice with the dried chili, garlic pieces and the oil! The memory of that taste still remains in our minds!!!!

668 Chinese Barbecue 1 year ago


Bakes By Bella

The first time I went to Bakes by Bella, me and my boyfriend was surprisingly satisfied with the decor, atmosphere and the food and coffee. We shared a cappuccino and a apple based cake/bruder like cake with two scoops of vanilla ice cream that was displayed on the counter. We both loved it! The second time we went, it was crowded with the weekend folks and we ordered a "cinnammonbon" along with a cappuccino. They forgot to serve the cinnammonbon until I spoke to one of the staff. When it was served, the bun was overheated, burnt my tongue and became stiff and dry!
I understand that when you get busy, mishaps can happen but if you want to maintain the quality and wonderful buzz that's there, then this sort of thing cannot happen.

Bakes By Bella 1 year ago