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I'm somewhat particular to Cinnamon Red. Nothing mind boggling about the food and drinks but it's not bad. Ozo is nice but their service and drinks have been hit and miss.

Best roof top bar in Colombo for a date? 1 year ago

Organico is online but their products are available at Arpico Hyde Park. Bohemian is a shop.

Organic food 1 year ago

Try OrganicoGuru or Bohemian Quest

Organic food 1 year ago

You can get beans ground from this shop itself. Some supermarkets also carry ground coffee.

The Blue Swan 1 year ago

Sorry about this, guys. We'll sort it out on the next update. It's definitely a bug since we don't intentionally log you out. Would appreciate it if you could send your info (device, os version, app version) to so we can figure out what's going on.

YAMU mobile app automatically logging me out 1 year ago

I've been meaning to try it. Could call and see but I'm lazy 😁

TempleRoast? 1 year ago

Pay a visit to Kopi Kade and see. I'm not sure about pricing but I think they'd start from 6k and go upwards? Ymmv.

Burr Coffee Grinders 1 year ago