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I've heard that Tori House stocks mason jars. Your milage may vary.

Mason jars 3 years ago

They do, but not sure as to which areas. We've gotten deliveries to bamba and narahenpita. Best to call and check.

Giovanni's 3 years ago

The place was filled with a repulsive smell which they tried to drown with air fresheners and it made the whole thing worse. Couldn't breathe after a while and we had to sit outside. Got a butterbeer which was fine but the overall experience was not great. Everything felt gloomy. I feel like they need a revamp. Also, stay away from the deep fried Mars bar.

Rama's Tea House (RIP) 3 years ago

Got some pizza delivered the other day and it was really good. Delivery was painless as well. Really enjoyed the four cheese.

Belmio Pizza 3 years ago

I've never had a good experience with food here. Something is not quite right. The tea, however, is quite good. I recommend the Rose and French Vanilla, Italian Almond and definitely the Ceylon Souchong. Service and seating is usually not that great either.

Dilmah t-Lounge (Arcade) 3 years ago

I'm not usually a fan of chocolate biscuit pudding but these really changed my mind. Delicious.

Gourmet CBP 3 years ago

Excellent coffee and really good cake. Don't forget to try their tres leches and the iced espresso. Their Matcha Latte is quite good too. You can't go wrong with most of their options.

Butter Boutique 3 years ago