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I've seen some at odel and abstract at racecourse. Can't remember the prices unfortunately.

Where can I buy wire lock? 2 years ago

Absolutely horrible service. Went there the other day and nobody even wanted to take our order. Left after a little while because the whole deal was actually pretty hilarious. They really need a few lessons in customer service. However, the uncle at the good market stall is really nice.

Milk & Honey Cafe 3 years ago

You might be able to find something from International Watches (Colombo 5/Independence Arcade/Liberty Plaza). Personally not a fan, but brands like Fossil are available there. Otherwise check Wimaladharma or WA De Silva.

Where can I buy an affordable sports watch? 3 years ago

Went and checked out the creme brulee cheesecake after hearing so many good things about it and it was downright disappointing. I think it was frozen as the whole thing was hard and took a lot of effort to cut. And it had three frozen raspberries on the side and they looked pretty sad.

I've been a fan of this place since they opened but it looks like their quality is dropping.

Schakasz 3 years ago

So I managed to find some white chocolate chips at Branas. They seem to have other types too, but were out of stocks. The white ones cost LKR 550 for 500 grams.

Where can you get chocolate chips from? 3 years ago