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Big fan of Schakasz cheesecakes. Not sure if they do full sized ones though.

Best Cheese cake 3 years ago

The quality of the place has definitely dropped in the last few months. I used to like the smoked salmon stack and it was horrible the last time I had it. Cakes are also kind of inconsistent. Beverages are sad. I only go there now because there's a lot of space for groups at the new premises. Really hope they'd get these things sorted out.

English Cake Company 3 years ago

Although mune's and dodol house differ from each other in terms of texture, I love them both! Can't get enough of this.

The Dodol House 3 years ago

Finally tried their pho with beef brisket today and I really liked it. I didn't find it bland as some have suggested. The mango salad was also quite good.

They have been a bit inconsistent with their noodles a few times in the past, but I really like the place now.

Pho Vietnam 3 years ago

Checked out the place yesterday and was thoroughly disappointed.

The oreo cake lacked flavor and was tiny. We got a cookie which looked like a papadam and tasted eggy. Lackluster beverages, some extremely sweet. Tea served for 300 bucks is basically a dilmah tea bag (whyyyy?!) Iced coffee was watery. Hot chocolate was basically milk with hint of chocolate and a ton of sugar.

Got a few tuna sandwiches and they were pretty nice. The hotdogs weren't bad either.

Staff was a bit morose and was staring at us as if we were some exotic creatures (A smile won't kill you bruh)

The place does have bucketloads of space. You'll find plenty of tables and rooms upstairs. They do have not so great speakers pumping loud but tinny music so that's not fun. Maybe bring some headphones to block out the noise if you're working.

I guess what you're paying for is basically the space.

E-Cafe 3 years ago