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Totally agree with this. They even have the nerve to charge a pretty penny for tea bags!

Some places that use whole leaf sometimes over-steeps their tea (since they don't have a mechanism to remove the leaves) and it ends up being overly bitter. If you don't drink fast enough.

Dilmah's t-Lounge does a good job when it comes to brewing tea, IMO.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (Liberty Plaza Podium) 3 years ago

My favorite beverage to have at Whight. Super smooth, not even a hint of bitterness. It's very strong so diluting might be necessary. I just stick with ice. Do try pouring milk on some, it's a sight to behold.

Cold Drip at Whight & Co 3 years ago

Isotonic Lime Blast works wonders for me. Highly recommended.
They have an orange version too!

6 Lankan Hangover Remedies 3 years ago

Was served cold. Nothing to write home about.

Original Post Unavailable 3 years ago

Feels a bit watery. Beetroot flavor is very prominent. Can't really taste anything else.

Original Post Unavailable 3 years ago

Very strong orange and pineapple flavor. Quite nice.

Original Post Unavailable 3 years ago

There's a place called 'Organic Products' at the Kollupitiya Market. They might have this.

Olu Haal 4 years ago

Original Post Unavailable 4 years ago