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I had tried their quiches before so the only remaining choices were the Lasagne and the Fish Pot Pie. Nobody was in the mood for them at that time.

London House of Coffee 4 years ago

Substantial burger filled to the boot with everything you need (maybe a bit too much). I liked the buns a lot 'coz they were fresh and they didn't fall apart while attacking the burger. The cheese was on the top which doused the rest of the burger when you bit into it. Felt amazing!

Original Post Unavailable 4 years ago

I've tried Island Coffee once but it was just another generic ground coffee for me. Harischandra does remind me of my childhood so I'd probably drink it for sentimental reasons :D

If you're looking for really good coffee you'd better off with a proper coffee roaster in California. If you need to taste Sri Lankan coffee, Harischandra might do the trick.

Sri Lankan Coffee? (Harischandra vs Island) 4 years ago

Very refreshing (and surprisingly filling). Wish there were more strawberries and blueberries though.

Original Post Unavailable 4 years ago

Loved it. Smoked salmon is always good.

Original Post Unavailable 4 years ago