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Mondaine doesn't seem to have an official dealer in Sri Lanka so you'll probably have to order one online.

Alternatively, try contacting a local watch dealer to see if they could import one for you.

Where to buy Mondaine Watch in Sri Lanka? 4 years ago

I actually preferred the pumpkin spice cake over the brownie. Guess I like the light and fluffy texture more. The brownie felt overly dense and heavy.

Anna Marie Bakery 4 years ago

Off a Dialog comment: "You can walk into any 'Touch' branded retailer point/communication centre and purchase a Touch Travel Pass. Reloading of cards is also possible at retailer points."

TOUCH Travel Card 4 years ago

Black, no sugar, of course.

I think I like darker roasts more but the one I'm having these days is a medium roast.

I'm using an Aeropress right now (with the paper filters). Was thinking about getting a Able Brewing Disk for the Aeropress and a V60 pour-over kit eventually.

Burr Coffee Grinders 4 years ago

eBay was the way to go. Got a Hario Mini Mill (hand cranked) for about $25. More than sufficient for my morning brew.

Burr Coffee Grinders 4 years ago