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If you can walk around Pettah, you can get some for a really good rate. Streets that sell baking products.

Dried fruits 1 year ago

Good experience with Chinthana GSM. They've multiple branches.

Fixing Phone Screen 1 year ago

Do be careful with Barclays Targus bags though. I'm sure they're legit but the last one I got from there only lasted about six months. My previous Targus bag was from takas (they don't have them anymore) served me for 3-4 years so something wasn't right.

Where to get Laptop Bags ? 1 year ago

Try Bohemian Quest, Organicoguru or the Good Market Shop. You can get organicoguru products at the Arpico at Hyde Park as well.

Original cacoa powder 1 year ago

Soul Coffee but you'll have to look around to find relatively new stocks. I assume it's available at Plus Nine Four? Island Coffee is also there but I don't know if it's any good. I have only seen very dark roasts (read: burnt) there. There's another brand called Tusker but I'm not sure where you can get them. Try Coffee and Company maybe? Illy might have beans but I've only seen ground.

Where can I buy coffee beans in Colombo? 1 year ago

Vision Care? Prices aren't what I'd call reasonable but they seem to have a range of popular designer brands. What are you looking for, exactly? Budget?

Genuine Shades/Sunglasses in Colombo 2 years ago