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Good experience with Chinthana GSM. They've multiple branches.

Fixing Phone Screen 1 year ago

Do be careful with Barclays Targus bags though. I'm sure they're legit but the last one I got from there only lasted about six months. My previous Targus bag was from takas (they don't have them anymore) served me for 3-4 years so something wasn't right.

Where to get Laptop Bags ? 1 year ago

Try Bohemian Quest, Organicoguru or the Good Market Shop. You can get organicoguru products at the Arpico at Hyde Park as well.

Original cacoa powder 1 year ago

Soul Coffee but you'll have to look around to find relatively new stocks. I assume it's available at Plus Nine Four? Island Coffee is also there but I don't know if it's any good. I have only seen very dark roasts (read: burnt) there. There's another brand called Tusker but I'm not sure where you can get them. Try Coffee and Company maybe? Illy might have beans but I've only seen ground.

Where can I buy coffee beans in Colombo? 1 year ago

Vision Care? Prices aren't what I'd call reasonable but they seem to have a range of popular designer brands. What are you looking for, exactly? Budget?

Genuine Shades/Sunglasses in Colombo 1 year ago

The pizzas have definitely taken a nosedive. Not even close to their former quality. Avoid.

Old review:
Pretty cool place. I feel like their pizzas have gotten a bit better too. The new additions like the mas kade and the curry pork pizza are also pretty great. Chicken nai miris was insanely spicy this time around the vegetarian options were really good as well. Service is inconsistent though.

Arthur's Pizza 1 year ago

Didn't really enjoy the food. Found it somewhat bland and uninteresting.

We Ai Family 1 year ago