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Update: if you're looking for hay, you can get them from K-9. They have both alfalfa and timothy.

Rabbit Food 1 year ago

Bluegrass at MC seems to be a good place. Lots of friends have bought from there without issues. Maybe check out Chinthana GSM? Haven't bought, but got repairs done. Solid work. Avoid Dialcom like the plague.

Good place to buy Android phone? 1 year ago

When it comes to affordable, Hansa is the place that pops in to my head. Nice to work or study at as well.

Coffee spots 1 year ago

Definitely agree with what you said. I've a few experiences with Dialcom and they've all been disastrous. They actually sold me a phone saying it was a display model for cheap, but it turned out to be a Frankenstein phone with mismatching parts. I don't know what how they're still in business 😑

iDealz or Dialcom 1 year ago

It's pretty new, so I doubt there'd be any available at retailers. A bunch of sellers on do seem to have it though. Might be a good idea to buy directly from a site like AliExpress.

Mi band 3 1 year ago