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M'eat US

The chicken was really really good but I was disappointed with the ribs. Stay away from the desserts and iced coffee also. I'd probably revisit for the chicken. The char is divine!

M'eat US 8 months ago


Bavarian German Restaurant

Always a solid place when it comes to food and drinks. Pricey but worth it. Huge portions.

Bavarian German Restaurant 10 months ago


Arthur's Pizza

The pizzas have definitely taken a nosedive. Not even close to their former quality. Avoid.

Old review:
Pretty cool place. I feel like their pizzas have gotten a bit better too. The new additions like the mas kade and the curry pork pizza are also pretty great. Chicken nai miris was insanely spicy this time around the vegetarian options were really good as well. Service is inconsistent though.

Arthur's Pizza 11 months ago


We Ai Family

Didn't really enjoy the food. Found it somewhat bland and uninteresting.

We Ai Family 11 months ago


Tokiwa Cafe

Bit of a mixed experience, but I liked the place overall. Great interior, quiet, bright. Food was fairly good. The chocolate cake was really really good mostly because it wasn't super sweet. The pancakes were also decent although the toppings weren't that fun. Service was okay, nothing to write home about. The coffee was pretty bad. Really hope they'd improve this.

Tokiwa Cafe 1 year ago


Chutneys (Cinnamon Grand)

Enjoyed it for the most part. Service was a tiny bit iffy but the food was great. Massive selection too. The menu can get a bit tricky to navigate. Desserts were underwhelming.

Chutneys (Cinnamon Grand) 1 year ago


Kopi Kade

Excellent (and a wide variety of) coffee and excellent food. Everything is done with passion and care. Can't recommend it enough. A coffee lovers paradise.

Kopi Kade 1 year ago



Not really worth it. Toppings weren't that interesting (and they didn't have milo!!!) and I found the ice cream to be somewhat watery. If you want soft serve, just go to McDonald's.

Chillato 1 year ago


Ramen Misoya Colombo

Loved the ramen and the karaage. The fried rice is pretty dope as well. Gyoza ain't bad either. Try the ice creams if you can they're pretty interesting. I was a huge fan of their snow like dessert too. Overall very happy customer 😁

Ramen Misoya Colombo 1 year ago


The Biryani Restaurant

Loved the biryani here. The rice was pretty much perfect. Light and fragrant, feels like they've put a lot of thought and care into the product. Wish their desserts were the same. They were mass market products and were very unsatisfactory.

The Biryani Restaurant 1 year ago