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Isn't there any more information on this? A Facebook event? Anything?

#Instameet Part Deux 6 years ago

I guess this is the Premasiri supermarket on Duplication Road. Did you try asking for the import quality stuff? They had one called J. Cortes which were quite good. About Rs. 1900 for 5 cigars.

Cigar shops in colombo 7 years ago

How about Shore by O!? Its quite nice. La Viola Blanche, Loon Tao, Lavinia Breeze, Haus Chandra, Steam Boat, etc at Mount Beach or The Station in Dehiwala are quite popular as well. Or if the place doesn't need to be on the beach, there are several places along Marine Drive. The Dinemore at Wellawatta is quite good.

Any place to go with girl friend in Colombo ? 7 years ago