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Big Bag Wolf is probably the most pork focused

Pork sandwiches 1 year ago

I'm no expert, but that seems like an unrealistic expectation.

Most workplaces that improve skills give internships for 15k a month.

Other places with labor work like media companies and stuff give 25k.

You'd be hard pressed to fin a place with more than 50k, unless you deliver for Uber Eats 24/7 or something.

A job after AL 1 year ago

Red Dot Geek might be useful. As for comics, has free worldwide shipping on any trades (collections of comics, each trade costing about 15$ or so)

Nerd stores/Comic shops in Colombo 1 year ago

Try New Blue Grass in MC, they sell Nokia phones with softlogic warranty for 4000-5000 cheaper

Nokia Phones 1 year ago

Can't answer about corkage free restaurants and pubs, but I'm relatively certain that Mintage has corkage

Corkage free restaurants 1 year ago

My advice is, if the phone is more than 50-60k, dont risk it. But then again, the so called “Warranty” in lanka isnt worth jack shit when pretty much any damage and they’ll say even with warranty you have to pay a “fee.”

Buying phones from AliExpress 1 year ago

Ask the seller to mark the price of the phone as 50$, customs usually sends it directly to your house then.

Buying phones from AliExpress 1 year ago

You’re better off just buying from Steam. Cause most games in lanka are cracked and pirated copies.

Original PC Game store 2 years ago