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Brian Roe
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Internet and wifi down again. The owners need to sort this out. Will eat else where today, at somewhere that does have connectivity.

Coco Veranda 3 years ago

I am a regular at the coco veranda! It's close by, has a good smoking area, the decor is robust and tasteful and the ambience is good. I get a lot of work done there and have quite a few meetings so tend to spend a good amount cash there. The food is really good, it's great value and is served in good time! The burgers, the English breakfast and the chicken great and veg with mash potato are top notch and as good as any of the same that I have had in expensive restaurants in the UK. The breakfast tea is always perfect for me too. A big down side is that the wifi and internet access is on a Tartuffe and runs out towards the end of the month, this has been 2 consecutive months now that the last week of the month has no wifi! You do notice that it is a lot quieter on these days! I take my own 4g router so get what I need. But they are loosing money by penny pinching g and not paying for extra Gigs for their customers. I have mentioned this to the staff and they seem embarrassed by the owners reluctance to facilitate the customers needs. The service is typical Sri Lankan! Need I saw more? I won't criticise the waiters as they are doing their best and are all a great group of individuals. But it's Sri Lanka and that means the service will be what it is. I have had a few issues here with my credit card being charged twice, got a refund, but the terminal requires replacing but again, the owners will see this as a spend and won't replace it. In typical Sri Lankan style, if their is an issue, the waiters and managers will make any complaint look like it's your fault, they NEVER take ownership of a problem and never admit it's their fault. Coco Veranda is particularly skilled in this Sri Lankan attribute. Conclusion, great place that is let down by the owners lack of investment into the wifi, electric points and plug sockets, a leak in the smoking area ceiling and an out of date payment terminal. A word of advice to the staff and manager, don't make a customer complaint a customers fault, take responsibility and act.

Coco Veranda 3 years ago

Went yesterday to try out the service and check the ambience! Manager was a real gentleman who welcomed me, got a great pot of tea, served quickly and with grace and good manners. As a web designer and entrepreneur, I test a chil/workspace on three factors! Service, wifi and can I smoke. Passed on all 3 with flying colours. (Obviously smoked outside). I will be going back there definitely. Will venture towards a breakfast later this week. I love the building too, great colonial architecture that has been well looked after. Ok, there is a down side! Not the cat so much but the three legged dog that wouldn't stop barking, a real nuisance and a pain in the butt. Why does a cool and classy cafe allow a mangy, flea-ridden three legged mutt to wander around the premises barking is disease ridden head off is beyond me. Get rid off the mutt and I'd give 5 stars, keep it there and I won't bother rating the place. Sri Lanka needs to step it up with allowing unhygienic dogs wander around their establishments, they'd loose their licence in most European countries for allowing it.

Black Cat Café 3 years ago