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Each year there is an exhibition at BMICH for wedding stuff. Just goolgle and findout the date. Go to it with your partner you can get lot of information there. You can even book your preferred supplier (Eg:- Photographer, flower deco, Ashtaka ppl etc) for a nominal fee.

For planning wise, start with the date get the date confirmed, then agree on a budget. Then allocate the expenses accordingly (I used an excel for this).

Book the venue and photographer first. Other things you can do slowly.

And yes dont go through a wedding planner. Its a waste of money IMHO.

Wedding Planning 3 years ago

Try Halfpounder……thats the best item in their menu.

Big Bad Wolf 3 years ago

I watchd Modern family few episodes. But didnt like it. It wasnt funny enough for me. I will check the other sitcoms. Thanks for the suggestion

Good sitcom to watch? 3 years ago