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Ananda College Swimming pool is the best. Its one of the few 50m pools in Sri Lanka

Swimming pools 3 years ago

මතක් වෙනවා is the closest sinhala word for this. "I miss you" can go as මට ඔයාව මතක් වෙනවා

a question for linguists 3 years ago

Company has to give either 1st or 7th. Since 7th is not yet gazetted as a mercantile holiday yet most probably it will be 1st

Labour day holiday postponement? 3 years ago

Porn Sites are banned by the Internet Service Providers based on the directions given by the legal authority. Here the blocking happens on a site by site basis. However I think with the time some ISPs have loosened their grip on this matter. (May be they banned it for a period and now it is expired). For example "xvideos…com" is blocked by Dialog but still can access through SLT.

I think banning pornography was a stupid idea. But like Alfred Pennyworth said "Some Men Just Want To Watch The World Burn”

Why is porn legal in Sri Lanka? 3 years ago

First thing is try to find an individual tutor. Talk to some of your friends n c.

Secondly I will suggest something I did during my ALs (I struggled with Business Studies). AFAIK second part of the paper comes with a choice of questions. This will mean you can score marks in the second part with the knowledge in half of the syllabus. So try to focus more on certain selected syllabus topics (i.e 50% of the syllabus).But this is a risky method. And I did AL 10 years ago, so i dnno the current situation.

Lastly try to find a marking scheme and see the areas you can score marks easily (Sometimes just writing a company name correctly can give you some marks). And practice questions as much as possible.

good luck

Help! I’m about to die 3 years ago