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Marino Roshaen
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User Reviews


Hebrew's Cafe

Its small but cute.
For a peaceful, romantic time you can definitely choose this place. But if you wanna hang around with a lot of friends i don't think this would be ideal. You won't have enough space and most importantly you'll spoil the atmosphere of this place. Max of 4 people.
The service was a bit late actually. May be with the number there is a slow process.
But the food was good.
Will definitely recommend it🤘

Hebrew's Cafe 1 year ago


The Coffee Rooms

I have visited thrice and the food was the same. Service was pretty good but the last time i had a the chocolate cake and it was very old and dry and I was unveiling to pay for it but they forced me to pay for it.
Spoilt the mood and food is very bad. I ordered espresso and it the quantity was very low, half the usual size cup espresso is served.
Ambience is good but you can’t eat it😬
So was a very bad experience.

The Coffee Rooms 2 years ago