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Joined 3 years ago


Love the ambiance and their service. I've been to this place many times including the dinner dance on the 31st night simply because it's a great place to hangout over dinner. You can BYOB, a huge plus! I always go for the garden tables as the lighting on the lawn and small lamps on the tables make it pretty romantic. The food was OK and what's worth mentioning about their menu is that they display the price inclusive of taxes. So you won't have any surprises when the bill arrives.

Chapter One 3 years ago

We arrived at the restaurant around 4pm and we were promptly told by the staff that they could only provide us with drinks. Were OK and we settled down for Coffee. Half an hour later, they served food to a couple of foreign girls sitting at the table next to us! When we questioned the waiter said it was someone known to the owner so they were an exception. We were extremely disappointed about the attitude shown and the so called no-food policy after lunch time. Would never go there again.

Sugar Bistro Galle Fort 3 years ago

This is an accurate review from Yamu. The food, service and ambiance were all excellent. And it's true that the waiters are well versed with the menu to the point they know the exact item number! The prices are quite reasonable. Perfect place for a family dinner or date night! Make sure you make a reservation in advance.

Noodles (Cinnamon Grand) 3 years ago

A big no-no! Despite the fact that I've been their twice, I haven't had the chance to buy anything simply for the reason that they created a situation where we just had to leave… twice! The staff is so un-attentive and un-friendly. When we went in and settled at a table, they had to make us sit at a deep dark corner both times. It doesn't matter that the cafe had plenty of seats. It was just that we had to sit at a place they chose for us. I'm not talking about two people trying to occupy a table for 4 or anything. We just sat at a table for two and they weren't OK with that! It happened once but we decided to give it another chance. Sadly it still didn't work out. I shared my experience with them on Facebook but all they had to say was that this is the first time they're hearing a complaint! As if!

Tea Avenue (WTC) 3 years ago

Visited this place yesterday and it doesn't quite live up to the review anymore. The review is 2 years old, so that explains it. It's an OK place, a bit far from nice and neat. If you're really starving, this is a place to grab a quick snack but not a cool place to hang out for a long time. The smell of fish was unbearable even inside the restaurant, so we settled with a take-away order. The Swiss Apple Cake was nice and filling which was about Rs.300+. Overall, I will not pay a second visit.

IceBear Century Café (Negombo) (RIP) 3 years ago