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Tsukiji Uoichi

The food was good although i felt some of the portions were rather small compared to nihonbashi. Service was alright. I'm sure it will improve over time.

Tsukiji Uoichi 7 years ago


ON14 (OZO Colombo)

The menu is tiny and sad. Service is horrible. Bouncer is friendly & good music though. Atmosphere is uptight. I wouldn't be going there anytime soon.

ON14 (OZO Colombo) 7 years ago


Pot Biriyani

Tried this place and it was pretty good. Price for for 4 is 2000 and doesn't include Dessert so going for a savan for like 800~ more is worth it than buying this. That said there's nothing wrong with the biryani. it was tasty but nothing at the bottom and the roasted chicken was given in a siri siri bag. This place wouldn't be the first choice and I live within walking distance.

Pot Biriyani 7 years ago