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Mabroc Bubble Tea

When ever I feel overly happy about life I always visit mabroc bubble tea and basically try any flavour . Because the watered down bubble tea always slaps me back in place and let's me know that the world is mostly a shitty place and that flavourless tasteless bubble tea places like Mabroc still exisit in the world. A great place to visit to shock you back to reality that people make a quick buck by serving you coloured water as an excuse for bubble tea. Will visit again

Mabroc Bubble Tea 4 years ago


Hustler's Paintball (Hanwella)

I have been here two time and let me tell you guys…….
It is freaking awesome. And ask Shane to hook you guys up with a lunch deal…its pretty good,
Hopefully i'l be visiting again soon to do some serious shooting :D

Hustler's Paintball (Hanwella) 7 years ago