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Ask For Fern

Throughly over priced drinks! The food was okay! The dumplings were like strange for! Needs improvement!

Ask For Fern 6 months ago


Java Lounge (Fort)

Had a pastry and a Oreo cheesecake, which seemed to be quite old. Specially the cake which was dry and somewhat hardened after being kept for days.

Java Lounge (Fort) 1 year ago


Caramel Pumpkin

The interior was quite okay! But the food (the mains) was unbelievably disappointing. The ‘Thai green curry(chicken) with steamed rice’ was absolutely bland and lacked any kind of spice. There was no intense green curry flavor and nooo accompaniment such as a Thai style salad or even something simple and spicy like a chille paste. I wouldn’t recommend eating mains there.

Caramel Pumpkin 1 year ago