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Joined 8 years ago


One of the worst pub I've been to. To start with this place is full of bouncers with no respect.

Second food wasn't tasty at all. They were below average. Thridly and most importantly they demanded that we have to settle the bill "every hour" since most of the people leave the premises without setting the bill and it's apparently their policy! What kind of bullshit is that ? Very disappointed with the expeeeince.

Which Way West 4 years ago

service is not so good. we went on poya day and we actually had to wait to get a table and even after that they wasnt quick enough to serve.

about the price always consider that it will be much higher than it says when u add all the taxes and service charges

The Manhattan Fish Market 7 years ago

Well they have closed the old rahumania now, they have Sulathan place downstairs instead of Rahumania

Sulthan Palace 8 years ago