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OMG!!! Pettah

"A journey, through a complex entirety of culture, in Pettah. Art+ Sound = CoCA Show". The event will take place at the old Municipal Council of Pettah on the 8th - 10th of August from 9.30am to 6pm.


Barista Lavazza (Horton Place)

One of Colombo's first coffee shops, but no longer one of the best.


The Street Pooch Pawty

The Street Pooch Pawty, organized by Embark and Odel, is taking place on the 21st of July at the CH & FC grounds from 2 to 6pm.


Saddle Up - Charity Car Wash

FLAME Event Solutions is hosting “Saddle up”, a charity car wash with the proceeds going to the National Cancer Hospital, Maharagama. It will take place on the 20th July 20 from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm in Thimbirigasyaya.


Waters Edge Gym

Waters Edge is a splash of paradise in Colombo’s Concrete Jungle - located in Battaramulla, it’s a rich oasis with much lush greenery and some breathtaking views of the Diyawanna Lake.


Royal College Gym

<em>The Royal College Gym is found in the Royal College Sports Complex, home to Royal ruggerites and sportsmen alike. The complex comprises of the famous rugby field (this is where the Bradby takes place), an indoor basketball court, badminton courts, volleyball court, squash courts, a netball court, a boxing ring and of course - the Royal Gym.</em>


Sarasavi Warehouse

Bargain/ second hand bookshop


පෙටා ඉන්ටර්චේන්ජ් මාකට්ප්ලේස් - Pettah Interchange Marketplace

Skinnerbox (Berlin/Tel Aviv/ BPitch Control), Sandunes: (Mumbai/Krunk), BLOT! (Delhi), Asvajit, Musicmatters Collective, Sunara සහ Geve මෙම සංගීත සාදය රසවත් කරණු ඇත.

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