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When Europeans came to Sri Lanka our women went about topless. The Europeans made us feel ashamed of our bodies and in fact 'sexualized' it. Then we have our TV stations showing slum' 'liberty girl' garbage, assisted by our ex-patriots who live in slums in Europe/USA and bring the 'tight clothes/torn jeans' 'fashion' to SL… end result we have the above stated problem. This opinion is NOT original, my daughter did a study of it in her University degrees (note the plural) with one being in (World) Economics…

Street Harassment in Sri Lanka 1 year ago

Yes, sadly, it was because of 'Chocolate puff' - something I have been fighting since the 1980s and as late as 3 months ago at Mt. Lavinia beach. Thankfully, it is illegal now to say 'vanilla puff only' or 'foreigners only', but 'kalu suddas' will keep trying as they did on the Mt. beach and have a guy like me throw the 'legal book' at them ;) NOTE! It is now 'offically' illegal to say 'foreigners only/preferred' on ANY ADVERTISEMENT in Sri Lanka!

Sesto Senso 1 year ago

A Japanese professor told my wife and I that Japan has the HIGHEST domestic violence while the African continent has the least as a whole!. Now compare that to, for example, Canada, where a woman is killed every 2.5 days (

Bye, YAMU! 1 year ago

Sinha-le :) has much more meaning to it… England, Scotland, and some other flags as the LION in their flags, ranging from 1 to 4 - this has a political significance than literally meaning 'lion's blood'…. ;)

37 Visa-Free Countries for Sri Lankan Passports 1 year ago

It is fair to ask. I remember the 1st time I went to Sing (1980s), they asked me how long I was staying, I said maximum 10 days (I was visiting to checkout some machinery), they asked me where I was staying, I said I have not decided yet will ask a taxi to take me to one inexpensive… truthful - (I did have trouble cashing my travelers cheques and when I said 'Hey I am Sri Lankan Sinhalese' the guy apologized and gave me my Sing$) - they gave me 14 days, after that I got 1 month, thereafter I got 3 months. People who complain about other countries should know that even SL border services do not allow foreigners in just like that - and yes there are MANY 'foreigners' are live and work ILLEGALLY in Sri Lanka too!

37 Visa-Free Countries for Sri Lankan Passports 1 year ago

No, you need at least a transit visa. It is easy to get a transit visa if your destination has been approved…. but border services officers know to identify people with 'self respect' and others…

37 Visa-Free Countries for Sri Lankan Passports 1 year ago

Sri Lankans (passport) are respected…. I have traveled since 1986, just apply for a visa and if you are telling the truth you get a visa. Also, I never overstay my visa and have NO INTENTION of being a slave in a foreign land - I would prefer to 'wash toilets' in my own country…. I mean why would you spend $10,000 on a holiday when you don't even own a 'tuk' and are from a beautiful country where a 3+ hour bus ride can give you the best climate change, etc.

37 Visa-Free Countries for Sri Lankan Passports 1 year ago