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Joined 2 years ago


Very well seasoned, moist Peri Peri Chicken. I tried the medium & that was just the right amount of spice. The salad was a pretty decent portion & the garlic bread was yummy too. Keep up the good work! We will come back for more

Peri Peri Kukula 2 years ago

This place never fails to amaze me. I’ve tried many of their dishes including breakfast, lunch & dinner options & all I can say is that it’s superb. Food always takes a looong time to arrive (roughly 30 mins at least) which can be really annoying. It’s sad that they close so early & don’t have the option of all day Breakfast

Cafe Kumbuk 2 years ago

Great location, beautiful restaurant, great food & ambiance. The menu has fewer options than the other popular brunch restaurants, but the taste & quality of the food makes up for it & I guess they are working on new dishes cos they are new. Drinks are very average & watery. Since the restaurant has a transparent roof & no AC, it gets quite warm & uncomfortable towards noon. I’ve tried the Prawn bowl, Tuna Bowl, Vegan Bowl, Smoothie Bowl & Granola parfait. All of them are above average. Thumbs up!

Superfood Café 2 years ago

One of the best Breakfast places in Colombo. Prices are a bit higher than the average Colombo Breakfast/Brunch but the food & coffee are of great quality. The new location is so much better with more space & ventilation. Always a great crowd & the staff are super friendly & nice

One Up All Day Breakfast 2 years ago

They serve the best coffee in Colombo. Their Cold brew is to die for. I’ve also tried their Vietnamese Coffee & some others which are great. Food is amazing with great value for money. Love their breakfast. Such a chilled out spot in a great location

Whight & Co 2 years ago

Guys, your washroom is one of the worst I’ve been to at a restaurant. If you want your customers to share the washroom with your staff, please teach them how to use it. It’s right next to the kitchen & stinks of Urine. When I waked in, the place was stinking, the toiled bowl was not flushed & full of Urine, seat was up & wet. There was no soap or hand wash. The only good thing was that there was toilet paper. There’s no point having a restaurant at a fancy place with a nice looking interior of this is the state of your washroom. I’ve been to calorie counter several times because I’m a fan of the concept, but the washroom got me utterly disappointed. I wonder what the state of your kitchen is…

Calorie Counter (Ward Place) 2 years ago

Tried out their Seafood night set menu & I liked it. The soup had plenty of Seafood in it & the Garlic bread was Delish. The mains included a decent portion of rice & seafood. The salad was average, but couldn’t have asked for more for lkr 1000. It’s value for money! Also they have very friendly staff. From the moment we walked in we felt at home. The manger was very friendly & kept on checking on us & all other customers. Definitely hoping to go back to check out their Jaffna night & other options.

Urban Green 2 years ago

Terrible Service with Very average food & drinks. A good location wasted on a restaurant that doesn’t care about its customers. My Dinner took 50 minutes to reach the table from the time of order! I only ordered Fish & Chips which was very average in taste & presentation. For 40 minutes I politely sat there sipping my drink & spoke to a waiter who took my bill (with the time mentioned) & asked me to give him a minute but passed by in 5 without even looking in my direction & pretending not to hear me when I called out. Having made a fuss to another waiter I finally got in after 50 minutes. A good dish could have made up for that time, but it didn’t qualify. Waited for an apology, didn’t get one. Asked for the Manager who never turned up. We didn’t wanna sit at that place wasting any more time so left soon after & that’s why I’m writing this review. Utterly Disappointed.

Caramel Pumpkin 2 years ago