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Hey snoopdoge, im not sure of a place you can go to and buy your food as such but i order my food supplies etc online from Organicguru( and if you're intrested in that type of thing check it out, they provide quality products for a reasonable price

Healthy Living 2 years ago

If its healthy food you guys are interested in check out Organico( they deliver some pretty quality stuff at great prices

Life Food 2 years ago

I totally agree with this article, but its affecting students in other fields as well, i study at CAHM and in my opinion they offer great education in hospitality but people think less of the area of study, where as I've learned a lot about the world studying here and the pay is great too after as this is a growing industry. Not everyone has to be an engineer or a pilot, the world is made up of lots of occupations I hope people understand that soon. If anyone's interested in hospitality check out CAHM ( and be bold.

What Not To Say To An Arts Student 2 years ago

This article is very helpful. All the important hospital numbers in one place is hard to find. As a father, I know when a child is sick and needs immediate attention, we always need a highly responsive hospital number. As for me Lanka hospitals ( is by far the most responsive and also one of the best hospitals in Sri Lanka. If you need immediate attention I highly suggest to turn towards Lanka Hospitals.

Medical Services in Sri Lanka 2 years ago

Hey all If anyone's interested in buying gluten free, organic food, I recently found this website called Organic Guru they deliver their products to your door step which i found is very convenient and given that it is hard to find healthy food products in Sri Lanka this is even better. From international brands to customized meal plans i'm very impresses with their services

The Vegan Kitchen by Sulo 2 years ago

My friend recently started studying at CAHM, and according to him their curriculum in hospitality is really good, they even provide the option of transferring to Australia, if anyone is interested I've listed the website below

Hotel Hospitality And Food Asia 2017 2 years ago

I found this article very useful and informative. It sure is hard to pick the best of the best when it comes to hotels in Sri Lanka, let alone pack it in a list of 25. You have done a great job in listing this. But since there are many beach hotels in Sri Lanka, there is a high tendency that you might have missed out a few here and there. A personal recommendation would be Club Hotel Dolphin ( It is a wonderful and luxurious experience, and I think it surely deserves a spot here.

Top 25 Beach Hotels in Sri Lanka 2 years ago

Looking to eat something that's healthy, Nutritious and Low calorie. Then is a great place to shop. Although I'm not a regular vegan and Usually go for fast food and something with a bit of meat on it, organic guru has a variety of products that even suited my taste pallet. Tried it newly and i think its a great place to eat healthy. great taste!
keep up the good work
cheers! 2 years ago