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I have visited Santai many times and I really enjoy their food. If you think their Chicken Satay is great, try their mutton version which is just unbelievable. Their Ipoh Chicken rice is probably one of the best rice dishes you could find in Colombo. What makes Santai a pleasure to visit is some of the desserts that they offer as they have soo much of a variety from their authentic Cendol to something that's a little more modern with their basque burnt cheesecake and if you want something thats both authentic and modern then try their Teh Tarik Tres Leches cake!

Santai Colombo 1 year ago

The main thing I got from this is not to bother checking out your reviews of restaurants that have just opened.

COi by Vichalya 4 years ago

Welcome to! You must be new here

Sentosa Cafe 4 years ago