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Cool new interior and the food is a s good as it always was. ITs bright and looks more spacious now, has a friendly feel to it. Tempura prawns and the Crunchy salmon roll are to die for.

Kami Maki 3 years ago

Was definitely local cheap soy sauce last time i tried. And fyi this is not a discussion about how well or badly kami maki is doing - to be honest, I don't really care what they do. You are obviously well informed and partial to the copycat restaurant. My point here - as is the point of the Yamu review is that its so similar to the old place to the extent where they haven't even rearranged the furniture and anyone passing by would no doubt mistake it. Yamu also thinks the food is crap. I do as well. Personal opinion. If you think its good food, then please go ahead and enjoy.

Sushi Kai 4 years ago

Have to agree with YAMU here. The place is a disaster and a copycat attempt gone wrong. Everything from the rusty tasting local soya sauce they use to the far from fresh seafood they serve sushi kai is a no no for me. They have tried to copy the kami maki (which was previously at the location) menu but have managed to royally bungle up every dish. Lets be honest, can anyone really have a look at the place, its exterior look, interior decor and its menu and then even TRY to justify that its not a cheap copycat/wannabe? Really?

Sushi Kai 4 years ago

This is all Bull. Please tell me WHAT qualifications have the kids at YAMU got to 'review' food in the first place? Are they all connoisseurs?? Are they all celebrity chefs?? Have they got ANY experience in the field? YAMU was originally someone's BLOG of opinions which suddenly became the KNOW IT ALL of all cuisine and leisure in SL! The Chicken in the picture is OBVIOUSLY undercooked. I am a culinary student myself and I could do better than whats is seen. YAMU started off as an amateur blog about places and food in Colombo - a few NON CULINARY opinions. But today its a commercial venture which looks to turn a profit. Therefore, ANYONE can pay for an 'expert review'. And those who pay will definitely get raving reviews regardless of the reality. I blame the people who read this biased nonsense and believe it. Most of these restaurants have been approached by YAMU staff for advertising on their site and magazine. FACT. Its a farce that sadly, most of us have fallen for.

Kaema Sutra (Shangri-La Colombo) 5 years ago

I just read through this page again and I'm certain the above comment by Shan has come out of his rear end LOL. I am a big fan of japanese food and have tried every place in the country. Obviously this guy has no idea about japanese food. The portions at kami maki are huge and you find it difficult to finish and the prices are crazy low compared to other places. they are at least half the price. I first went there about two weeks ago and now I'm a regular and have been there 5-6 times in the last two weeks and let me tell you - value and taste is better than any other japanese in the country. Anyone who knows what they're talking about will know. Im goin back for more at kami maki on the weekend!

Kami Maki 5 years ago

My favorite place at the moment. I've been twice now and the food is really cheap as far as japanese restaurants go and really good taste. I personally love the sushi and the tempura dishes. The place is a little small but it makes up for it with the value and food. I got california rolls for rs 620 here where its otherwise rs1500++ at nihonbashi. and the tempura shrimp here is rs 720 as opposed to rs 1660++. Great place for small crowd.

Kami Maki 5 years ago