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What a disgusting bunch of businessmen! They had been earning money by giving people to eat s***. Disgusting is putting it very mildly.

Calorie Counter (Ward Place) 1 month ago

Their websites menu does not mention the price and their email info@coffeebean.lk is not functioning either.
A strange phenomena for a supposed quality place.

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf 1 month ago

Had a very bad experience with these guys.
They are cheap because they sell hand carried stuff from all over the world.
" Our laptop hasn't melted yet and it was cheap" - this indeed is a very cheap and unacceptable comment from a staff member of Yamu itself!

If a vendor claims that they are the authorised seller of a particular brand, they cannot and should not sell thrash to unsuspecting customers.

A REAL black mark for YAMU on this.

laptop.lk 2 months ago

Why not call them direct?
Google for their numbers!

Happy hours 2 months ago

Dear Mr Robert Morton,
This is NOT the ideal place for you to find what you are looking for, especially as it's freely open to the public. Please beware of bogus offers which will drive you to endless despair.

Elderly Care Facilities in Sri Lanka 2 months ago