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Have tried almost all the restaurants on this list, by far Calorie Counter is the best. Delicious food, prompt service and value for money. We need more restaurants like this in Colombo.

Breakfast In Colombo 5 years ago

Do yourself a favour and eat elsewhere as the service and the food both sucks. Thanks to this article I visited them for a breakky and it ruined my whole day. When I entered nobody was there, so I ordered a croissant and a pie along with an orange juice. I was served with the solid items but after reminding him twice I wasn't given the juice as he was busy serving the newcomers, so I had to gulp the food dry. And 3rd time I demanded he rudely said "can't you see I'm serving others". Even the owner said good morning to foreigners but not to a local chap with a short. And then the food was dry as ever.

Dolce Italia 6 years ago