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Like Xilaton but never order the hot garlic prawns because the one time I ordered it I got a dish of prawns in tomato sauce. My parents had the same experience. They must have changed the recipe.

Xilaton 5 years ago

Chagall at Crescat!!!!!

Haircut 6 years ago

I got a really nice branded one from the bag shop at Majestic City. It cost Rs. 4500/- . I can't think of the name of the shop - "landmark?" Ask for the one that costs Rs. 4500/- as I saw it once and when I returned it was no longer on display and they kept showing me horrid bags until I mentioned the price.

Backpacks! 6 years ago

Large what? Rat? Same happened to us and the waiter dismissed saying it was quite normal. Had balmain bugs which were okay but slightly overcooked.

The Lavinia Breeze Mount Lavinia 6 years ago