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A recent raid highlighted by social media confirms what many customers were afraid of and had voiced in these same comments before . The food served here is neither fresh nor healthy. Do not patronise!

Calorie Counter (Ward Place) 2 years ago

Public nudity is illegal in Sri Lanka, so you won't be able to find a suitable place like that. Your options are rent an apartment if you don't mind being indoors, or rent a holiday bungalow with a large secluded garden. Private beaches are also difficult to come by here.

No place to be 100% free ? 3 years ago

You can trade with

Bitcoins 3 years ago

Hopelessly disorganised staff… Unnecessary wasting of the customer's time!

Urban Kitchen 4 years ago

Great place, especially the outside tables. The staff is attentive and the food is good.

WIP (Work In Progress) 8 years ago