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Can't recall seeing any.
But I'd start with Penhouse at MC and Liberty Plaza and then check out other shops that sells art supplies/stationary.

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How about keeping an eye out on
Sunday Observer advertises job opportunities as well.

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If you're going for the food, minus the partitioned dining tables, I highly recommend Tsukiji Uoichi.

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Nihonbashi has private dining rooms.

Sakura at Galle Road. Their food is not as great as it used to be. Don't know if it has improved though.

Naniyori in Nawala - They have a minimum 4 person requirement for you to be seated in a partitioned dining table. But if it's not a busy day and if you ask nicely they usually let you use one. :)

A private place in colombo 1 year ago

I don't understand what you mean by a place where nobody bothers you. Bother you how?

Do you mean you don't want people coming and talking to you or you don't want people staring and eavesdropping?

Nobody cares to eavesdrop or stare at you in any good hotel, restaurant or cafe. Everyone there has come to spend time with whoever they're with. Not observe or study other people. I never had an issue with privacy with any of those.

Of course if you're being too loud and disturbing everyone, then it's a different story.

If you guys like Japanese, most Japanese restaurants offer partitioned dining tables where nobody can see you except for someone who is passing by your table.

A private place in colombo 1 year ago

Try the Decathlon in Battaramulla.

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Sometimes we give our cakes to a nearby Bakery who bakes their own bread and other stuff. They bake it for us and give it back. Perhaps you can ask a bakery that's in your area.

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You can find someone who is willing to rent their apartment for maybe 4 or 5 people for the night, but I highly doubt anyone would want to let 15 people in their apartment. Your best option is to book a venue that's made for this sort of thing that accommodates 15 people. There are plenty of those.

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