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Hi All,

This is Samantha from Gerard Mendis Chocolatier. Thank you for your time and for patronizing our establishment. We take every bit of feedback very seriously and do our best to make improvements based on your comments.

@Nadz, we’re pleased you like our chocolates :) May I ask what it is that didn’t impress with our more exotic flavoured chocolates? Just asking as this is the first we’ve heard a somewhat negative review concerning them. We’d like to learn more. Could you email us at Thanks :)

@LP, thank you so much for the lovely comments. We do appreciate it :) Please do drop in again soon…we’ve got a lot of new things in store :)

@KT, we’re glad you liked the food and everything else but we’re so very sorry about the delay in your order :( yes, we are extremely busy on some days but as you said, that is what we aspire to and it should be no excuse. We’re going to look in to this right away and do what it takes to try and make sure it doesn’t happen again.

@Booruwa, glad you liked the chocolates! We’re sorry you had a bad experience with BBQ pork spare ribs and bangers and mash when you visited us. Would you mind emailing us to and telling us when you visited? That will help us figure out what went wrong. Thanks so much.

Gerard Mendis Chocolatier 6 years ago

Hi everyone,

This is Samantha from Gerard Mendis Chocolatier. Firstly, please know that we were not the place that was selling expired chocolates. Unfortunately the Daily Mirror was pretty irresponsible in their reporting and did not name the chocolate shop in question, which was certainly NOT us. We make all our chocolates from scratch using our own unique ingredients and flavours at our outlet in Horton Place. Nothing is imported. The only thing we import is the best quality raw materials from different countries in order to make our finished goods.

Thankfully The Nation newspaper has clarified things for doubters. You may read their article which names the outlet that was allegedly guilty of selling expired chocolates

@indiranasinghe - thank you for the love! :)

Gerard Mendis Chocolatier 6 years ago

Hi Avi,

This is Samantha from Gerard Mendis Chocolatier. We're sorry that you weren't satisfied with the Chocolate Fudge Shake. We've looked into it and rebriefed our staff as to the preparation and serving of our shakes. Could you also let us know what disappointed you on your first visit?

As to the prices, we conciously use only the best and healthiest ingredients, some of which we need to import and these are of course reflected in our prices.

Gerard Mendis Chocolatier 7 years ago

Hi everyone,

This is Samantha from Gerard Mendis Chocolatier. Firstly, my apologies for the delay in responding. Despite google alerts and regular check ins, we seem to have missed your comments. We have a lot to catch up on, but here goes!

Kiara - We are truly sorry you had a disappointing experience. This is the first complaint we've had about our prawn rolls to be honest and we pride ourselves on offering the best cheesecake in town. There's always room for improvement however and your feedback will help us better ourselves. We hope you come back again and give us a chance to change your mind about us :)

Zikra - all of the suppliers we procure our raw materials from our Halal certified.

Trivers - Firstly, thank you for the compliments on our food :) we're so very sorry if we offended you and your wife. Please know at the outset that we do not discriminate. Period. Foreigners and locals by trishaw or otherwise are more than welcome. The more the merrier we always say! We usually don't approach guests if we see that they are already comfortable and settled or if we feel that we don't want to intrude on their privacy. Please know that your patronage is valued. Your feedback will help us serve you better and we hope you and your wife visit us again so we can show you that your patronage is appreciated :)

Vin - our vegetarian menu IS limited but we're looking at expanding it. We'll take your comments into consideration and hopefully come up with some items that you'll like better.

Adam - yes, we know we've had a few issues with training for the counter staff :( We're working on it everyday though and getting better. Please drop in again and let us know if you see improvement. We'd love your feedback.

Rush and Lalith - thank you for the love. Your comments keep us glowing :)

Gerard Mendis Chocolatier 7 years ago

Hi Sonali and U, sorry about the late response. We just saw these comments.

Sonali, we generally cover each portion of our desserts with a cling film as protective cover mainly for hygiene reasons during storage. Please rest assured that it wasn’t polythene and hygeine most certainly would not have been in question. However the film should have been removed before serving the mousse to you and the cream cheese should certainly have not been placed on top of it. We're extremely sorry about the mix-up - this film is so fine that it is possible that our staff may have not remembered to remove it prior to serving. We also should have handled your complaint better when you pointed it out. We will check on this with our staff right away and ensure that this doesn't happen again. Sorry once again.

'U', we're really really sorry about the delay with your order. Would it be possible for you to inbox us at so we can get in touch with you? We’d like to know a few details – for example when this happened and what you ordered. We did have a few days when many of our staff members were down with the flu and we were severely short staffed. But of course, that is no excuse! Your feedback will help us serve you and other customers better. We do hope you get in touch with us soon.

Gerard Mendis Chocolatier 7 years ago

Hi Shazz, thanks for your feedback. Areas marked for improvement are always welcome and this is something we will definitely look into. Hopefully next time you drop in, there'll be a faster response time from the kitchen to the counter. Do let us know what your next experience is like. Cheers.

Gerard Mendis Chocolatier 7 years ago