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Terrible service for average food at exorbitant prices.
As I write, my friends and I have waited 45 minutes for two dishes.
In this time we could have-
A) Driven to Dehiwela and back (we have good drivers in our group)
B) Played about three chess games
C) Read the Lord Of the Rings Trilogy
D) Waited for the the Star wars sequel.

The stewards keep dismissing our humble requests to be satisfied. We are famished!
O the humanity :@ what we've tasted so far is average and hunger does little add to taste.

The Shore By O! 5 years ago

Yes, we understand. Buryani is just sort of the Sri Lankan word for Biriyani. Potato potato right?

Navratna (Taj) 5 years ago

Hi Shashie,
Glad you enjoyed it :) We've included the addresses for the standalone bookshops right under the title. The rest in Maradana are on Dr Wijewardene Mawatha. Happy hunting!

Game Of Tomes (YAMU's Top Second-Hand Bookshops) 5 years ago

If I had a car "Babe" :p
Hygiene mention is just a heads up. More expats read YAMU than you think :)
Cheers *cheap iced milo glasses clink*

Hotel De Pilawoos (Kollupitiya) 5 years ago

I assume this might have been like Buhari's? Pity. Yes all these imposter hotels seem to be working on the reputation of the one of lore.

Hotel De Pilawoos (Kollupitiya) 5 years ago

I'm no expert at this, but if you're looking do some reading on your own you could visit Vijithayapa , which if I remember correctly, had a fairly large collection of Sri Lankan fables, mythology etc. Happy hunting!

Sri Lankan Myths/Folk tales? 5 years ago