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Isn't haute French?
Hmm… we barely have any French restaurants in SL. Highly doubt we have any unfortunately (sacreblou!)

Sri Lankan Haute Cuisine? 5 years ago

Hmm. I'd agree with you I'm terms of price and quantity. Though it isn't the best burger in the country it's miles away from burgers at McD's.

The Original Rocket Burger 5 years ago

Try Barracuda. They've got an open expanse good for things like these. Just pray the weathernholds out.

Place for overnight event 5 years ago

Muchos gracias Akki :). Far from where I live though. And I hear there are stay dogs about the Parliament complex :P

Good open area to walk your dog? 5 years ago

Yo, We've linked the restaurant review so you can grab the address as you read :) It's in the second Race Course building.

Breakfast at Ceylon Tea Moments 5 years ago

Alternatively the Lionel Wendt Theatre offers SMS subscriptions to let you know what's on stage.

Drama Schedules? 5 years ago