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Lenore is that you? :P

Waves 5 years ago

This was meant as a joke. Unfortunately I was too liberal with my humour and a few viewers have taken it out on Shifani :P

Deen's Kitchen 5 years ago

If seafood and the beach is your thing Waves is good for lunch time. Just watch out for the crows. It gets nosier at night time with drinking crowds. but the afternoon was pretty chilled out the day I went.
On the other hand you could also eat at the VOC cafe at the Dutch Burgher Union
Though in the heart of the city, it commands a measure of peace and quiet.

Best place for a quiet lunch in Colombo.. were the food is good and you could spend some quiet time.. 5 years ago

There used to be a place in Moratuwa that did small scale manufacturing called New Diasons

garment manufacturing 5 years ago

Hi Chirath, I believe I saw Lager on the menu. I don't think its BYOB.
Sorry mate. Still a minor. :p

Waves 5 years ago

While Bhagya received good service I had the other end of the stick-
I made my order via the website and was told my order had been received. However a little more than hour later it became apparent that my order hadn't been received. I ended up calling and got a muffled "Sorry your order will be there in 45min" . It came after about one hour and 15 minutes later. To make matters worse they got my order completely wrong.

I lodged a complaint with their FB page (at first I did not want to post publicly since they were fairly new) . The FB page didn't even bother to apologise. Heck no one did.
This was the absolute height of madness. The absolute height. -_-

Flower Gate 5 years ago

Hey Liudmila,
I've frequented the beach year round with my sport requiring I train there twice a week (which I've been doing for six years).
It might be worth making a stop. It isn't the typical monsoon erosion. It's about 300 metres of heavily eroded coast. Even the life guard post needs a store barrier to stop the waves from breaking at its base.

Loon Tao 5 years ago

Visited it recently and quite enjoyed the experience. The food was great , service was great and the host was hospitable and friendly.
Probs my favourite stop for a meal at the fort at the moment. They could use a cooler interior though.

The Original Rocket Burger 5 years ago